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Wine cellars in SpainSpain - the second largest country in Europe after Switzerland, the mountainous. This unusual topography delaet Spain country of great climatic contrasts - within a few hundred miles can be located pyshnye hilly, verdant pastures, lowland forest areas, snow-capped peaks and subtropical lowlands. But there is one thing that unites all the regions of Spain. Each of them, from Galicia, the Canary Islands, produces wine. And from behind the significant differences in terrain, climate and soil, and used different varieties of wine grapes, which they are normally produced, have a very different "character."

Among the "main" wine regions: Rioja, in north-central Spain chasti, is the most famous producer of the country and a source of beautiful, mature red and white wines of excellent sustained. "Rioja Baja" produces most of table wines, while kak most of the best brands made in the "Rioja Alta" - the northern part of the region, "Rioja Alavesa," produces wines that are slightly softer and lighter. Navarre, north-east of Rioja, was considered a poor relation in the wine region. Nr is now producing good quality red and white wines, which are sold very well in the rest of Spain. Catalonia, in the north-east corner of Spain, has long been known for its sparkling wines and "cava" (proximity to France.) Today her red (lighter than Rioja), and excellent white wines are also widely available in the market of. In Galicia produce delicious white, are reminiscent of the "vinho verde" Portugal. Along the River Duero in Castile and Leon, you can find exceptional wines. This - the birthplace of the most dorogogo wines of Spain - Vega Sicilia. Most of the central plains of Spain produces an incredible amount of wine, many of them - more than cheap table wines intended for a variety of restaurants. Valdepenas, Jumilla and La Mancha - home nazvaniya in Spain. But here, too, efforts have been made to produce top quality wines. From Jerez in the south-west of Andalusia is Spain's most famous wine - sherry. And to the east, on acres of surrounding Malaga, produces some of the best dessert wines in the world. Not mentioned Aragon, Montilla, Valencia, Asturias and the rest, most of obshirnogo Spanish winemaking that bring local tradition in wine production, the unique climate, its vines and, ultimately, unique to these places wine.

With what can not be compared vkuc Vega Sicilia from Valbueny del Duero. Valdepenas (La Mancha), Utiel-Requena (Valencia), Jumilla (Murcia) and Sagtepa (Aragon). The best white wine in Catalonia proizoodyat-Penedes (Tarragona) and Ampurdan (Girona).