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Grape varieties in Spain


Grape varieties in SpainSpain cultivates many different varieties of grapes, some are known in other countries, while others are unique only for specific regions. Here is - the list vinograda most often used in Spanish wines. Most of the wines of Spain are still made of blends of several grapes. A small but growing kolichestvo "varietal" wine - made from a single grape variety.

Tempranillo - this - the main purple-black grapes Rioja. This deeply colored and intense. There is also growing in other regions of Spain, the pod is often different names, "Cen-cibel" La Mancha, "Ull Llebre" in Catalonia.

Graciano - other black grapes, rich, fragrant. Often used to strengthen the other bolee intensive wort.

Carinena - "Carignan" France, which actively grows in Catalonia and the surrounding areas. This grape has an important in making wine ye the whole of the northern region of the country.

Viura - the main white grape of Rioja and Navarre. With high acid content, it contributes to the high alcohol content. basis for the production of aromatic whites. Sometimes used chtoby soften red wines of Spain.

Garnacha - an important red grape used widely in the Rioja Baja in the northern regions.

Malvasia - the second most important white grape in Spain. Ispolzovanny widely in Rioja, Navarre, Catalonia and the Canary Islands. Wines made from this grape tend to be fresh and soft.

Moscatel - used in dessert wines of Malaga and Huelva. Very old look.

Palomino - the grapes that make the famous Spanish sherry ye the world. The pale green and full of juice.

Pedro Ximenez - used actively in sozdanii vino generoso Malaga. Takzhe for sweet sherry. Rich taste.