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The red wines of Spain

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The red wines of SpainSpain offers all tipov wine - white, dessert, sparkling, but Spain is essentially a country of red wine. The number of red wines, producing porazitelno here. And the quality of many of them great. It is said that the soul of the country is reflected in the wines it produces. A simple description of Spanish wines would be - "expansive, open, kind, straight" ... tochno as well as the Spaniards themselves. Spanish red wines tend to be full, fragrant, with a certain flavor of oak. Excellent red wines imeyut unique flavor and color variations that are difficult to replicate anywhere else.

Spain extra large enough, and the climate and soil of different regions, so different that Spanish red wines are very diverse brands. Each area mixes her own grapes grown on its own soil, under its own specific meteorological conditions. Almost everyone knows Rioja as Rioja - the most famous proizvoditel finest red wines. But there are many other areas that also produce excellent reds, and they ALL have their own personality: Jumilla, Catalonia, Navarre, Ribera del Duero, Aragon, Rueda. - Here are some of the wines certainly deserve attention. When buying red wine, pay attention to the information on the label label with information about the age and year of vintage. The inscription "Vino de Mesa" or "Garantia Origen" indicates nA wine. "Vino Crianza" vintage wine, usually for two years, the first of them in a barrel (the exact amount of time varies from one area to another). "Reserva" is sustained longer, and "Gran Reserva" held for at least two years in cask and three in butylke before sale. The word "ano" (year), also points to the time spent in the barrel, for example, "4 Ano" (fourth year), that is "bottled by the fourth year." Wine, depending on the vintage year bolee are not very successful and again in different areas - Po differently.