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Spanish champagneIf deep, ruby ​​red (reservas) Spain - koroli zamka, champagne (Cava) - Queen. These fine sparkling wines hold a very high position in the world of luxury, celebration, and just a good mood. Sparkling wines are made at all in trmya different ways, and IMPORTANT to know how a particular wine is produced, because it does not affect the taste of less than the quality of grape used. True Cava is made n exactly the same technology as the French champagne, "methode Champenoise." Fermentation takes place in the bottle. The bottles are placed in storage, where they are tilted down so that the sediment collected in the neck. Udalyaetsya sediment out of the bottle "degorjat" - cork is removed and the pressure sediment. In the wine added sugars depending on the typeA and again was finally clogged.

In Spain, only wine, made by this method are assigned name - Cava. This - the best of the sparkling wines. The second method of creating a sparkling wine consists of wine in large fermentation tanks, Po controlled pressure and temperature. The wine is then bottled and sold. This view should be on the bottle label gran vas or espumoso natural. The third type is called gasificado and is produced by the addition of carbon dioxide in wine (like most of the so-called Sovetskogo champagne) Not worth the attention. Sparkling wines can have all the dryness. Some more suitable for an aperitif, the other for dessert. Inscriptions nA labels: Brut Natur - Sammo dry. When the wine is poured, no sugar added. Brut - dry, no sugar added. Seco - quite dry. Demi Seco - semi-dry. Demi Dulce - semi-sweet. Dulce - sweet.