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White wines of Spain


White wines of SpainNot so davno, Spanish manufacturers used to whites used more or less the same way as exposure to red. Verily is kept in oak barrels, although for a shorter period. The result was a wine, amber color, rich, complex, with oak overtones. Many whites are still produced in this way. Nr modern tastes tend to have white that are clear (brittle), dry, crystal clear and fresh bolee.

These white produced DURING strictly controlled cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks or acrylic. Most white from Catalonia and many other novyh wine regions of Spain produced in this way. As a result, the market has a large variety of white. Devotees have enough oboih ways. It is important to remember that white wine should be chilled before serving.

The simpler and cheaper wine in Spain, tem stronger than he should be cooled, it masks poor performance.