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Activities in SpainSpain is a country of amazing and diverse culture, which has absorbed mnozhestvo different worlds and styles. Every corner of the country is a kind of mosaic of cultural and historical monuments, dostoprimechatelnostey included in the UNESCO list of international heritage site by UNESCO. An indelible impression in the hearts of ostavyat amazing Generalife gardens and luxurious Moorish palace of the Alhambra in Granada, gloomy severity of the monastery of El Escorial in Madrid, "Gathering of the Holy Family", Park Guell and other tvoreniya great Gaudi in Barcelona, knight locks in Costa Blanca and Costa Brava, cathedrals and ancient Andalusian villages in gorah. Andalusia. Almost every town and village in Spain keeps amazing relics and monuments.

Activities in SpainA For how long will experience after visiting rytsarskogo tournament in this medieval castle or a dinner with volleys and a scuffle vsalune "Dikogo the West."

Unable to resist the temptations of Od gastronomic Spanish cuisine. Whosoever does not want to try the "jamon" - the famous dried ham, paella, where there are more than 40 vidov - with squid, chicken, a rabbit with mussels or ice soup "gazpacho? And of course the wine ... wine from Rioja thanks to the flavor and richness of the bouquet gained worldwide fame. and more than 50,000 marok wines of all kinds of taste, flavor and aging. Gastronomicheskie and wine tours in the province of Castile, Catalonia and Andalusia - IT'S fascinating journey for food lovers.

Activities in SpainRarely anyone indifferent ostavlyaet "art tavromahii" - boy bulls. Bullfighting, which was a passionate admirer of the great Goya celebrated by Merimee and Hemingueyem, a ritual in kotorom amazing combination of courage and beauty. Bullfighting is inseparable from the history of Spain, the spirit of the Spanish people. According to all the polls for the main holiday of the Spaniards call themselves bullfighting festival.

Osobaya page in a series of local entertainment - Spanish holidays - many carnivals, festivals, fiestas ... Spain loves the holidays. Their provodyat in big cities and towns krohotnyh devote universal holy and heavenly pokrovitelyam small villages, the famous compatriots, known around the world, and the "stars" mestnogo scale, seasons, sports dostizheniyam, music, poetry - slovom, there is always a reason.

Activities in SpainDates bolshih holidays throughout goda people met and as a major participant, and as a viewer being aware of themselves odnovremenno in these two roles. Holidays - a phenomenon peculiar to the spirit of joie de vivre of the Spanish people, succeed each other in different places and different times of the year, almost continuously. Krasochnost and originality, invention and fun schedroe Spanish festivals attract tens of thousands of visitors CO around the world. Tour organized by the main events New poezdki carnival and night carnival festivities.

Krasochnaya palette of entertainment inherent in Spain, would be incomplete without flamenco. Flamenco cante flamenco - song-and-dance spectacle that has become a symbol of Spain and found its fans and followers around the world Po. This fusion of music, rhythm and movement created the very soul of the Spaniard, for which flamenco - not just music and dance, IT'S lifestyle. A material stalo incredible mix of European and vostochnyh cultures have left their mark, the pain and the blood, and their musical traditions in the beautiful land of Spain and Activities in Spainwhich was only vozmozhnym sultry land of Andalusia. The famous Spanish poet and writer Federico Garcia Lorca called flamenco most magnificent achievement of the Spanish naroda. Get the full picture of Flamenco festivals "Cante Hondo", which are held in June and October in the main squares of small towns. Apogey season flamenco - a holiday "De Buleryas" in Jerez de la Frontera and the "Biennale art of flamenco" in Seville, prohodyaschie in September. In almost all cities in Spain there is a cafe and restaurants where mozhno see the fiery flamenco Shaw.
Spain astounding amount of entertainment, fun for children - theme parks and entertainment venues. For example, a huge safari park, a unique Barcelona Aquarium, architectural kompleks "Spanish Village" - all landmarks in miniature, sobrannye in one place. But the most striking impression, konechno, will visit the amusement park "Port Aventura", a Spanish Disneyland, or "TerraMitica" - the land of legends and skazok. And Europe's largest water park "Aquapolis" mozhno not just ride on the water slides and watch the show, Nr even swim with the dolphins.

Activities in Spain