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Valencia - Museum of Fine ArtsProvincial Museum of Fine Arts "Pius V» in Valencia is one of the major museums, Pinakothek Spain. It is a mile to the north-vostok from the Cathedral. In addition to the extensive picture gallery, the museum has a large collection of sketches and engravings, as well as sculptures, archaeological finds, photos, and decorative arts.

Beginning of the museum's collection was launched in 1768g, when at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts under the decree of Charles III were collected pictures of teachers and students of the Academy, as well as a number of works donated by private owners. Official day osnovaniya Museum is 5 October 1839, when it opened its doors to visitors.

During the Civil War, in 1936, the museum was closed, the building ispolzovali as an antique store, and part of the funds moved to Madrid's Prado Museum. After the war the museum building was in poor condition, so it was decided to place the collection at the Seminary of Pius V, where at the moment and there is a museum.

The seminary was designed by Juan Perez Castel 1683g, but it was built only in the 18th century. The workshop consists of two parts: the school and the church. The school building is rectangular and is located around the cloister, and the two towers on the facade gives it the appearance of dvoptsa. The facade is notable finishes uglov diamond-shaped teeth, and alternating straight and curved pediments over the windows.

The building adjoins the temple, which is at the base and octagonal dome of blue crystal. Also worth special mention of the facade of the temple architect José Minges, with projecting pilasters and a curved pediment that govorit stylistic position of the temple somewhere between Baroque and Neoclassicism. After the Civil War in 1936 (during which the building ispolzovalos as a military hospital) here moved Museum of Fine Arts.

The museum specializes in gothic zhivopisi and has in its collection of some 2,000 paintings, including a large number of paintings by the Valencian artists ages 14 and 15. The most valuable exhibits of the museum are a self-portrait of Velázquez and El Greco, "John the Baptist", painting by Francisco Jose de Goya Lucientes, "The game of hide and seek," raboty Joaquin Sorolla and others.

As a collection of sketches and engravings nahodyatsya not in constant ekspozitsii because their storage needs a certain temperature and lighting. They put up a temporary exhibition. Special attention should be rich collection of etchings by Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778), afterwards the numbering about 800. In addition, the museum has an interesting collection of modern art, sculpture and the meeting hall of archaeological nahodok.

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