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Valencia — The Church of St. Catalina

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Valencia - The Church of St. CatalinaTemple of the Holy Martyr Catalina Valencia is in an area of ​​Lope de Vega, 100 meters from the Cathedral of Valencia. The main landmark of the temple and eo distinguishing feature - a high bell tower.

The history of the church started in the time of Jaime I. Having conquered Valencia, he transformed the structure of the city and its churches. It was James I gave the house that was Ostrow on the ruins of Arab mosque, the name of the holy martyr Catalina.

The original style of the temple - Mediterranean Gothic. In the 16th century facade was decorated in the style of the Renaissance. Strong fire completely destroyed the 1548g central altar, were partially destroyed chapel suffered facing choirs. The building of the church was partially rebuilt. October 5, 1688 was the first stone bell tower of the church. Construction continued Till 1705g led Vinyes Juan Bautista, whose name is engraved on a plaque at the foot of the temple.

In 1785 restoration work was done interior decoration. At this time the temple has gained heavy baroque oblik. During the Civil War, a new temple caught fire, which caused significant damage. In 1950-60 the architect Louis Guy Ramos began restoration work, freeing the facade of the heavy baroque ornaments. Ramos has strengthened the structure of the temple and dostroil vaults. In this form it survives today.

Among the architectural elements of the nave of the temple is of special interest polygonal apse, nervyurny arch between the arches and side buttresses that surround the chapel. It is worth noting that, unlike the primitive goroda Gothic churches, the temple has Ambulatory.

In the temple are three entrances, the main one of which overlooks the square of Lope de Vega. One of the side entrances leading to the street Tapineriya, the other - on the streets of Santa Catalina. The main facade of the square CO Lope de Vega, in the style of Baroque. In etoy of the building is the Chamber of Weights and Measures of the city.

Bell Tower Cathedral of the Holy Martyr Catalina is considered odnoy of the original towers of the Spanish Baroque architecture. It has a hexagonal shape in the base and consists of five stages. The main wealth of the external appearance of the tower is located on the upper level: here the tabs corners decorated with Solomon Pillars (columns with spiral stvolom). Crowned by a tower-bell chasovnya with a little of tile kupolom.

Six kolokolov cast in London, were brought to Valencia October 2, 1729 for installation on the bell tower of the church. In the same year, on November 9, bell set was consecrated, and then installed on the tower. 21 noyabrya 1729 Valencia residents witnessed the first peal of bells of the church of St. Martyr Catiline.

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