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Valencia — Tower de Quart

Массаж тела в Туле .

valencia Torres de QuartThe twin towers of Torres de Quart are two kilometrah west of the cathedral, opposite the Botanical Gardens of Valencia. These towers were part of the wall that protected the city of Valencia. Prior to 1874 they were called "the calc towers" as lime, which were whitewashed houses Valencia, imported through the gate between the two towers. The name of the Torres de Quart happened on the location of the towers: they are on doroge that leads from Piazza Duomo to the village of Quart de Poblet.

Torres de Quart postroeny were in 1441-1460g architects Pere Compte and Francesc Baldomarom. They are made in the style of late Gothic architecture in many ways reminiscent of the tower and the Arc de Triomphe in Naples Castel Nuevo. The towers survived the war in the Iberian Peninsula, the war of the Spanish Succession and the Spanish Civil War. From 1626 to the 18th centuries in the walls of the towers was women's prison. In 1931, the Torres de Quart towers were declared a national monument in Spain, and in 1985 entered the list of world cultural heritage of Spain.

Until now, the massive walls of pores on the towers are traces of cannon fire during the war in the Iberian Peninsula. In the last decade of the last century in otverstiyah of gun shots on the external facade of the towers began to build their nests, parrots and other exotic birds, flown away from their masters.

The towers feature brickwork Po likeness of a mud wall. The angles, arches and prominent part of the facade lined with hewn stone. The two towers are located in the entrance gate gorod, built in the form of a semi-circular arch, which you can see the shield with the coat of arms of Valencia. Outside tower postroeny cylindrical shape with smooth walls and end teeth. These towers oboronitelnye virtually devoid of any decorations.

Only the lower part of the walls, running under otkos, decorated with stucco. On the inner side of the tower are decorated nervyurnymi vaults. In the center of the towers above the entrance arch is vaulted smotrovoe hole through which attacked those who tried to enter the city through the gates.

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