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Seville — The Golden Tower


Seville - The Golden TowerSevilla. Postroena Almohad tower was at the beginning of XIII century in order to control the passage of ships chtoby on the Guadalquivir, as it was connected to a similar tower built on the other side of the river, a thick chain. According to reports, in the ancient times it was finished zolotymi tiles, hence the name of her now. The part that crowns the tower, nahodyas on her second housing was built in the XVIII century.

Podlezhit not disputed that the Gold Tower was witnessed fierce battles between the Arabs and the Christians, and that its walls are often seen the blood of brave boytsov drugoy from both sides, until the conquest of Seville king of Castile, Ferdinand III - with those of pores tower lost its protective nature and turned into a silent witness of the past and in istochnik poetic inspiration, as reflected in the subtle poetry of Gerardo Diego.

At present, the tower is the Maritime Museum, where an exposition on the history of Seville as the river porta.

Golden Tower has formu dodecagon and consists of two parts, the first of its vypolnen floor of stone, and second one was commissioned - from brick.

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