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Seville — Guillena palaces


Seville - Guillena palaces

Seville truly an architectural style that emerged after the conquest of the city by Ferdinand III (king of Castile), is a harmonious sochetanie assimilated diverse architectural expressions such excellent as Arabic or Gothic art, which has given rise to a new style - Mudejar art - or the art of the Italian Renaissance and Spanish Plateresque. All of these elements, artfully sochetaemye, expressed in the most beautiful palaces of the Seville.

Not to mention the so-called House of Pilate, received this name due to the fact that he was the first stop on the famous Via Dolorosa in Cruz del Campo. This is a typical Sevillian Palace, built in the XVI century, with the Genoese portikom. In its courtyard is a magnificent collection of tiles and some interesting sculptures, Greek and Roman, among them - the famous Minerva, the work of Greek sculptor Phidias V Till century AD. Of the four flights of stairs is one of the most Originalnye in Spain.

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