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Seville — Plaza de España


Seville - Plaza de EspañaIT'S extraordinary architectural complex identity, which was created by the Latin American Exhibition of 1929 by architect Anibal Gonzalez. By the Plaza de España is a beautiful Avenida Isabel the Catholic, passing through the heart of Apia Park Maria Luisa.

This area has a semicircular colonnade formu framed, large and o on how to Seville epitomizes elegance. The area is in storonu Guadalquivir, and park in the center. Under the colonnade balustrades draw attention to the curious mosaic allegories representing the most important for each of the Spanish provinces sobytiya, with appropriate emblems and cards on the floor.

The graceful bridges that give the area a romantic Venetian spirit, hovering over a semi-circular pond, parallelno colonnade, and they are also part of the charm osobogo area.

Spain Square Ambient building where deploying its military governor, Grazhdanskoe and Military Government.

Other attractions of Seville:

La Catedral de Sevilla
Museo de Bellas Artes
Plaza de España
La Giralda
The Archaeological Museum
Torro del Oro
Palacio de San Telmo
Sevillian palace
Ayuntamiento de Sevilla