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Seville — Museum of Fine Arts


Seville - Museum of Fine ArtsThe most visited museum of Andalucia and vtoraya Pinakothek in importance in Spain (after the Prado Museum in Madrid).

The museum is housed in a building that was formerly an ancient monastery ordena Merced Calzada, in the Plaza del Museo, Number 9. Construction of this building was completed in 1612 by the architect Juan de Oviedo and La Bandera, but in 1810, after the fire, the building was completely rekonstruirovano.

The Museum is a valuable and rich collection of paintings Sevillian School XV and XVI, as well as interesting kollektsii afterwards the most famous Spanish painters of the XVII century, such as Valdes Leal, Murillo, Zurbaran, Alonso Cano, Francisco Pacheco and Herrera.

Creativity El Greco is a great canvas - a portrait of his son Jorge Manuel ego.

The artistic heritage of Zurbaran at the Museum of twenty-four works, including "The Virgin of caves", "Apofeoz St. Thomas Aquinas."

Here is odna of the finest collections of works of Murillo, in particular works such as "blameless", "Virgin de la Servileta", "Saints Justa and Rufina," "San Hose" and "St. Anthony de Padua."

Among the twenty-four works Valdes Leal, here you can see - "The defeat before the walls saratsionov Assis," "Temptation Svyatogo Jerome", "Saint Clara with the Tabernacle."

Also presented at the Museum of the magnificent raboty Pacheco, Van Dyck, Rubens, Titian and others

Sculptural collection also has a value of greater rigor, there are notable raboty Sedano, Torridzhano, Martinez Montanes, Juan de Mesa, Pedro de Mena and Luisa Roldán.

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