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Seville — The Cathedral


Seville - The CathedralThe Cathedral is the largest church in Spain and the third largest in the Christian world, it surpasses tolko St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and St. Paul's Cathedral in Londone.

The Cathedral is also famous for the fact that there are the remains of Christopher Columbus, the disposal of which is in pravom wing of the transept. This was confirmed in 2006, a special research team Laboratory of the University of Granada genetic research.

Construction of the cathedral began in the 1401g in the place where previously was the largest mosque in Spain. It is believed chto initial draft of the Gothic cathedral belonged to Alonso Martinez, and from 1498 Po 1512 work on the construction of the temple led the famous master of Alonso Rodriguez. In total, it took four centuries for togo that the Council has found its modern form.

The cathedral was built in the late Gothic style on a giant rectangle osnove length of 116 meters and a width of 76 meters. Its interior reflects a variety of styles and there are values, intractable material expression: examples of art Mudejar style grille Plateresque goticheskie carvings, brass images, icons, jewelery, paintings, etc.

Cathedral of Seville - five-naval. The central nave is the highest and broadest sense. In the temple there nave apse, instead, there is a passage, otdelyayuschy Od Main Chapel Royal.

In the interior of the temple you can go through any of the nine gates of the western and vostochnoy parties. The main gates are gates of CO by the Avenida de la Constitucion, built in 1885.

The collection of paintings Council soderzhit works written by artists such as Murillo, Valdes Leal, Jordans, Roelas, Zurbaran, Morales, Pedro de Capilla, Pacheco and others.

Special attention should be large monstrance, the creation of which the author himself, Harp, examines how "Apia biggest and best product, made of silver verily genre"; Merciful Christ, a masterpiece of Martinez Montanes, and stained glass, the work of famous artists neskolkih.

Of great interest is also the Chapter Hall, vypolnenny in all the splendor of the Renaissance, which immediately attracted the attention of the marble executed Marcos Cabrera, and a beautiful Immaculate Conception, one of the masterpieces of Murillo.

In addition to the burial ostankov Christopher Columbus, buried in the church, Cardinal Cervantes, Alfonso X the Wise, Dona Maria de Padilla, Pedro the Cruel. At the foot of the image of the Virgin de los Reyes (Koroley Our Lady), the patron saint of Seville, remained incorrupt body of St. King Fernando III, the sword is stored in sokrovischnitse chasovni.

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