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Sevilla — Alcazar


Sevilla - AlcazarAlcazar Shout of the most ancient royal palaces in Europe.

Od originally built in the Alcazar of Seville, sozdannoy Muslim tribe abadies, preserved city wall and patio Patio del Yeso, which is in continuation of patio Patio de Banderas. In the future, the Alcazar was rebuilt by Don Pedro the Cruel and reformed Juan II, Isabella and Ferdinand and Charles V (it is well preserved with the National Heritage Memorial Statute).

Part of the Alcázar, made in the Mudejar style, the work of the Arab and the Seville architects together with decorators of Toledo, 1326g, impresses his coloring Po - golubye, gold, red and green hues combined with delicate plaster and enamel. The main facade, the entrance of the Dvorika de la Monteria, is one of the finest examples of Mudejar art in Spain.

Dvrtsa on the main floor, reached by a staircase XVI are: Catholic Chapel of the Kings with an interesting altar made of tiles, work Frasisko Nikuloso Pisano 1504g, bedroom King Don Pedro, with magnificent carved wooden shutters and beautiful potolkom of Mudejar style, stolovaya, Children's Room Music and Beauty.

The interior of the Alcazar stoit note the space and lighting patio Patio de las Donselyas and modest dovrik Patio de las Munekas, restored several times, lush salon de los Embajadores, Salon del Principe - where rodilsya son of Catholic Kings - The bedroom and the Arab Kings. Despite the grandeur of these areas, they are perceived as cozy and intimate, napominaya us o old times.

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