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Madrid — Gates of the martyrs


Madrid - Gates of the martyrs"Gates of martyrs" were on the eponymous square in about 8-10 minutah walk to the north-east of the University of Alcala. They were originally called the gate of Guadalajara, tak as they carried out through the entrance to the road leading to Guadalajara. These were the main vorota medieval ramparts, extended in the second half of the 14th century. They were framed by large oboronitelnoy tower with loopholes and battlements. According to legend, the first time the Archbishop of Toledo and seniors Alcala visited the city, they drove through these gates.

In 1568g gate was renamed Martires ("martyrs"), as they were imported enabled via the relics of saints and martyrs Justo Pastor (children-Christians, the Roman soldiers who were executed on the orders of Emperor Diocletian in 306g in Alcala de Henares) pokroviteley Alcala. In order to expand the entrance to the city from the Aragon road in the middle of the 19th century vorota Martires, like many others, have been destroyed. Later people started calling this place Quatro Canos (meaning "four streams"). It is derived from the fountain, transported to the area, kotory Now you can see there.

Libreros across the street (from the word «libro» - Book) mozhno was hit right in the center Madrid , on the market square (area of ​​Cervantes). From the 16th century on the street nachali build various institutions that impact on its appearance. Street was the name of the light, thanks to its many bookshops and publishing houses. In one of them at 1585g was printed the first edition of "Galatea" of Cervantes.

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