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Madrid — Puerta de Alcalá


Madrid - Puerta de AlcaláGate or Puerta de Alcala, one of the main gates of Madrid, located on Independence Square (Plaza de Independencia), peresechenii on the streets of Calle de Alcala, Alfonso XII, Serrano and Salustiano Olosago. As well as the Calle de Alcala, Puerta de Alcala got their name because of finding the path that connect Madrid with the city of Alcalá de Henares.

Prior to the construction of new gates were drugie in Madrid Puerta de Alcala, constructed of brick, which were higher in the Calle de Alfonso XI. They were vozvedeny in 1599 for the arrival of Margaret of Austria, wife of Philip II. The old gate was demolished in 1764 because of the need to expand the street Calle de Alcala.

The construction of new gates Puerta de Alcala was charged Charles III Architect Francesco Sabatini. This building was part of the overall plan for the King to improve the appearance of Madrid. Prior to this responsibility to the project Sabatini, the king dismissed five projects Ventura Rodriguez and one Jose de Hermosillo. The project is the Puerta de Alcala Sabatini was made in the neoclassical's Style. Puerta de Alcala, were built in 1778, they served as the city gate until 1869 kogda area was reconstructed and modified the principles of traffic on it.

The gates were built of granite stones, imeyut five bays, three of which are arched. At the center of the arched passages stand out from the wall a lion's head. The two extremes of passage are in the form of rectangular arches. The central point of the gate Hight reach 20 meters.

The facade on the east side has eight granite kolonn. From inside the gates, facing the center of the city, there are six pilasters and only two columns flanking the central arch. Ionic capitals of columns support the cornice. Above the central proletom in the attics of both fronts, the inscription in Latin reads «Rege Carolo III. Anno MDCCLXXVIII »(King Charles III. 1778).

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