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Madrid — Puerta del Sol


Madrid - Puerta del SolPuerta del Sol (Sun Gate) - odna of the main squares of the city, attracting many tourists with its history and sights. 3des is the so-called "zero kilometer" ("bronze zero"), from which comes the countdown distance to all the cities of Spain. The distance to the farthest provincial center of Girona is 725 kilometrov. It is noteworthy that the "conventional" center of Spain is in close proximity to the Official geographical center, located just 14 miles down the road at Aranjuez.

The square is named in honor of the previously existing zdes "Solar Gate» (Puerta del Sol), who served in the Middle East entrance to Madrid. This gate is the beginning of an important network of roads (particularly linked with Madrid Guadalajara), later preobrazovannyh in the city streets. The gate stood until 1570, when they were destroyed because of the need to expand beyond the former borders of Madrid. Since then, this place obrazovana the Puerta del Sol.

Concerning the origin of the name of the gate views of historians disagree. According to one version, the gate was depicted sun, drugie believe chto through the gate you can watch the sun rise.

For a long time the main buildings on the square were Buen Susesi church and convent of San Felipe el Real. B opposite the church in 1618 Buen Susesi Italian Rutilio Gachi fountain was erected five meters in height, which was crowned with a white marble statue of Venus. Residents of the town fountain was named Mariblanka, which means "white Mary." In the 17th century, the area around the fountain nA settled market (zoco). Church Buen Susesi was reconstructed Jose del Olmo in 1697, and later on the facade of the ee were established early in the square clock. The church was destroyed in 1854 to expand the area and solve the transport problem.

At 1760h on the area's built a new main building, which houses the main post office in Madrid (Casa de Correos). The architect was appointed Frenchman Marche. They built the building has never been popular among Madrid. In 1848, the famous historian of Madrid Pascual Madox, confirmed the fact that the French architect has not provided a ladder to trehetazhnom post office building. In 1847 the building was transferred to the Ministry of the Interior. In 1866 the old building was a tower with a clock. Currently zdanii the residence of the regional government.

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