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Madrid — Puerta de Toledo

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Madrid - Puerta de ToledoOld Puerta de Toledo (Toledo gate) were postroeny in the city wall of Madrid already in the 15th century in the place where began the road to Toledo. In 1625, under Philip IV was erected a new gate on the Calle de Toledo. These gates were located closer to the tsentru that can be seen now.

The current design of the Puerta de Toledo refers to the occupation by Napoleon's troops (the reign of José Bonaparte.) The gates have been installed, to give a decent look chtoby move to Madrid with the ancient royal road connecting the capital with the Andalusia. The gate was designed in the early 19th century by the architect Antonio Lopez Aguado.

Puerta de Toledo consists of three spans: centered polutsirkulnaya arch and two rectangular edges. The central arch is decorated with half-columns ionicheskogo warrant, and pilasters, bordering the two side arches.

On the north side of the gate, a sculpture, izobrazhayuschaya coat of arms of Madrid, supported by two children. Over the side arches are sculpted izobrazheniya war booty. The frieze above the main entrance is an inscription that read:
«A Fernando VII, EL Deseado, padre de Patria, restituido a sus pueblos, exterminada las usurpacion frances, el Ayuntamiento de Madrid consagra este monumento de fidelidad, de triunfo y de alegria, Año MDCCCXXVII»
"Dedicated to Ferdinand VII, welcome, the father of the nation, otvoevatelyu land and deliverer of the usurpation of the French monument dedicated to the government of Madrid vernosti, triumph and joy. Year 1827 "
Currently, the gates are located in the middle of the square okruzhenii garden.

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