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Madrid - Spain AreaSpain Square or Plaza de Espana - permanent link is one of the main squares of Madrid, located in the north-east from the Royal Palace on the corner of Gran Via and Calle de Princesa Calle de Bailen and San Vicente.

The modern view of the Plaza de Espana priobrela during the Franco dictatorship, when there was built a skyscraper - Edificio Espana. This building was built in the 1940s Otamendi brothers, the height of a 26-story building is 117 meters. Exist yet one high-rise modern building in the area - the so-called Madrid Tower (Torre de Madrid) bylo Otamendi brothers later built in 1957 and reached 130 feet in height. This 30th storey house has received an informal name in Madrid "Giraffe". This is the tower for a long time been considered samym world's tallest structure in concrete. The two high-rise buildings were built by order of Spanish kompanii "Metropolitana".

However, the main attraction in the area - a monument to Cervantes work K.Valera, erected in 1928. Before picatelem sitting on a pedestal is a bronze statue of the main characters of his works - Don Quixote (on horseback) and Sancho Panza.

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