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Madrid — Prado Museum


Madrid - Prado MuseumMadrid. The Prado Museum - one of the krupneyshih art museums (the Louvre naryadu). It kept the works of art by European artists 12 - 19 centuries. The main feature of the museum - the world's largest collection of Spanish painting. In addition, the museum slavitsya valuable collections of paintings of Flemish and Italian art shkol.

Creating a new public museum was started in 1775, when Charles III poruchil architect Juan de Villanueva to create a project for the building of the museum. To him was given a place in the Prado Park, through which the museum got its name. Construction continued for more than 20 years. In 1814, King Ferdinand VII issued ukaz the establishment of the museum. The official opening of the museum took place November 19, 1819, its original collection consisted of only 319 paintings. In 1827 the museum was transferred to the picture collection of the Academy of San Fernando, once belonged to Charles V, Philip II and Philip IV. In 1871 at the Prado were deposited works of art confiscated earlier from the monasteries and religious institutions. In August, 1936, from behind the outbreak of civil war the museum was forced to close down its value were shipped to Switzerland. The museum re-opened in 1939, and later all the values ​​were again returned to Spain and now exposed. Currently, the Prado Museum ieeet one of the largest art collections in the world - about 6,000 paintings. In addition, the Museum has okolo 400 sculptures and numerous works of jewelry art.

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