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Madrid — The Great Church of St. Francis


Madrid - The Great Church of St. FrancisMadrid. St. Francis Church, located just on the outskirts of the historic center near the church of St. Andrew. The church was built in the 18th century, Franciscan friars. Originally the temple was performed by Ventura Velasquez, but it was not approved due to lack of customers in the draft of the big dome. Next architect Francisco Cabezas corrected oshibki predecessor, providing the desired project in the dome, but he could not finish the job. Ultimately stroitelstvo completed Sabatini.

The authorship of the exterior of the church is owned by Sabatini. Its convex facade and towers, belfries in this is hard to reconcile with a high wide dome Cabezas. Vault of the dome with a diameter of 33 meters was painted by Francisco Bayeux. It relies on the colonnade, which pered statues of the apostles. In the interiors are distinguished by famous Spanish hudozhnikov: Francisco Goya ("St. Bernardine of Siena," 1783), Alonso Cano, Bayeux and others.

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