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Barcelona — Sagrada Familia


Barcelona - Sagrada FamiliaOne of the most unusual churches in the world. It is designed by Antonio Gaudi bolee already a hundred years old and is still not completed.

The idea to build a new cathedral in Barcelona (Spain) came to the local knigotorgovtsu, Josep Bokabele. He founded a religious community of St. Joseph. Initially, the project was entrusted to another architect, but soon (in 1883). Porucheno construction was Antonio Gaudi (at the time he was 31).

Gaudí conceived the giant Cathedral: shirina transept was 60 meters, the length of the nave - 90 pm The entire cathedral was to be surrounded by the outer cloisters or cloister. The nave was to remind the forest of stone columns. Stone bench for believers in 1300 Gaudi 's projects were so close to each other so that people could not put his foot on the leg. The architect died in 1926. By that time, was only built crypt, apse, one tower and the magnificent facade of the Nativity. The central part of the building was a real quarry. Gaudí did not leave detailed plans, but it is clear dal understand that those who come after him, the waves do what most consider poleznym for the cathedral.

During the Civil War, the cathedral's construction has stopped, all the models were broken and drawings destroyed. Construction resumed in 1952 In the 80 years the sculptor Josep Maria Subiraks, a staunch atheist, has completed work on the facade of the Passion of Christ. Etot facade is totally different from facade of Gaudi.

Sculptures on the facade of the Nativity, on the whole completed during the life of Gaudí in 1930, zavershal Japanese sculptor Etsuro Soto. Tops decorated with colorful bell terrazzo. Back staircase leads to 400 steps. For the convenience of visitors tuda an elevator (the observation deck).

In the crypt, built in 1882 by architect Lozano, Gaudi is buried. Here, a museum and the Altar for worship.

South fasad, which should become the main entrance to the cathedral, and all the oil is not yet completed. According to the plan the main spire, much higher, chem remaining tower of the cathedral, is surrounded by four tall towers symbolizing the evangelists. Currently built 8 of 12 (symbolizing the apostles) towers.

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