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Barcelona — Singing fountains


Barcelona - Singing fountainsSinging Fountain (also called the "Magic Fountain") is one of the most famous symbols of Barcelona is located at the foot of Montjuic in front of the Palace of the National Museum of Art of Catalonia. The fountain is the fruit of inspiration Buigasa Carlos Catalan engineer who developed a new type of hitter the fountain, the main artistic element of which have varying forms of water - one of the last buildings constructed in the 1929 World's Fair. In this there Buigas project has opened new dimensions of art - the magic of light, namely, the use of light is not so much in order to dissipate the twilight, how to decorate them. He found that the light should not be too far to the main light does not drown out the extra coverage. Buigas created frosted and independent reporting, designed to become a part of the whole, not obscuring the near beams. The extent of "Singing Fountain" is truly impressive: the size of the pool 50x65 m2, the total water volume exceeds 3,000,000 l, and 5 set here nasocov every second passes in 2600 liters of water. The pipeline for water exceeds 1.5 km, and the compressed than air - 6km. Fountain create unique game 3620 jets, which, together with the form of more than 7 billion light kombinatsy different shapes and colors. A natural complement this magnificent spectacle is music that makes poseschenie "Singing Fountain" unforgettable.

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