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Barcelona — The Cathedral


Barcelona - The CathedralBarcelona. The church was built in the beginning of the XIV century, renovated in 1981: 1975. The cathedral was built on the site of an ancient Christian basilica of St. Eulalia, whose relics are kept in the crypt (1339g). In the construction of the cathedral at different times attended by architects Jaume Fabre, Bertrand Ricker, with 1397g Arnau Barges. Construction was completed in the XV century, but the main west facade was built only in 1889, and the spire of the cathedral in 1913 Stroitelstvo finished drawings of the medieval cathedral of Rouen, so Barcelona Cathedral combines the features of French and Spanish Gothic.

The interior of the church is characterized by a lack of light and spaciousness, the cathedral is always twilight reigns. Cathedral sostoit of three large naves, most of the central nave is a vast choir (1390g). Fencing in the choir includes marble reliefs of the famous Spanish sculptor XVI century. Bartolome Ordonez. Over the fence are the famous wooden chair decorated with antique heraldic signs Catalan knights predstaviteley Order of the Golden Fleece, which convened in 1519 in the Cathedral of the Emperor Charles V and the Archduke Maximilian of Austria.

In the temple, 26 chapels. To the left of the main entrance of the Baptistery Chapel, located in her marble baptismal font made O.Zhulia in 1443 is located on the opposite side chapel Lepanto (XV century), which is one of the shrines of the temple - raspyatie XVI, the so-called Christ Lepantsky (Sant Crist de Lepant ). Also released Chapel St Benedict dedicated to the founder of the Benedictine monastic order and the patron saint of Europe. Altar barrier "Transfiguration" is made Bernat Martorell (1452).

On a special stand to the right of the main altar is a painted wooden sarcophagus, which, according to legend, is Ramon Berenguer I, graf Barcelona from 1035 1076g, and his wife Almodis.

The main shrine of the cathedral - the tomb of Saint Eulalia, the patron saint of the city. The author is a student of marble gravestones of the famous Italian sculptor Giovanni Pisano XIV century. Holy is also the focus of one of the portals of the cathedral, overlooking the square, Where is a monument to those killed in the war with Napoleon. Inside the church is a museum.

Inside the cathedral there is a patio, open to visitors. Here, in one of the chapels are real live geese. According mneniyu Catalans, white symbolizes purity of these birds St. Eulalia - patroness of Barcelona. Eulalia was only 13 years old when she died at the hands of the Gentiles, therefore geese here exactly 13.

The Cathedral has two vosmiugolnye bell tower, built in the late XIV century. The lift takes you to the roof of the cathedral, a magnificent view nA Gothic quarter.

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