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Barcelona — the Palace of Catalan Music


Barcelona - the Palace of Catalan MusicBarcelona. Palace of Catalan Music (Palau de la Musica Catalana) is located in the Old Town, 400 meters from the Basilica of Saint Eulalia.

This is a concert hall, built in the Art Nouveau architect Domenico and Luis Montaner in 1905-8 for the Choral Society's "Orfeo Catalan." Over the years of its existence it made Richard Strauss, Igor Stravinsky, Arthur Rubinstein, and many others. In the late 20th century building has been restored, and in 1997 - included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Zdanie is an active concert hall and a year passes over a million listening position.

The use of reinforced concrete, which actively began to be applied in the construction of that era, arhitektoram allowed to freely experiment with plant motifs and flowing lines typical of the Art Nouveau style. The building is decorated with decor bogato the musical symbolism used in the decoration of a lot of ego ceramics and stained glass.

The original main facade zdaniya (on calle Sant Pere més Alt) because zatesnennosti urban development is a corner. Above the entrance to the building on this corner stands a group of sculptures resembling coarse decoration of any ship. It depicts a female figure of St. George and a group of representatives of different social strata - a sailor, peasant, aristocrat and the like, which symbolized the fact that music is for everyone. In 1989 one of the side facade has been transformed into the main, with tselyu greater convenience of the public. It is decorated in a modern style with an array of glass.

The interior dvortsa extremely interesting and shows a decorative techniques interior decoration of the early 20th century, with meticulous attention to detail decorators, using vegetable and music symbols. Especially known otdelka concert hall. Above the stage reigns body, which has become an important decorative element and symbol of the Palace. On the sides of the walls of Od abundant sculptural decoration ustanovleny busts of Beethoven and Jose Anselm Clave.

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