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The Mediterranean diet


Mediterranean cuisine, combined with the famous Mediterranean diet has proven its health benefits is based on the trinity of wheat, olives and vines, to which are added such important components as rice, Vegetables, garlic, herbs and other vegetable crops, as well as cheese, yogurt , fish, meat, eggs and fruit. This diverse and rich cuisine has its own peculiarities and nuances in different natural zonah the Spanish Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean diet

Catalonia has long has close ties to South France and Italy, so the fantasy of the Catalan chef does not provide a boundary. The basis of many of the main dishes is one of four sauces: sofrito (sofrito, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and green pertsa) samfaina (samfaina, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant), Piccadilly {picada, garlic, herbs and toasted almonds) and, finally, ali-oli (ali-oli) of garlic with olive oil). One of the favorite dishes - hot ("kasuela"). Featured here is thick and flavorful fish soup with monkfish (suquet de peix), grilled pork sausage with white beans in boiling lard (mongetes amb botifarra), as well as pork stew pork legs and head (cap-i-pota). To them separately or as a snack often take white bread, smeared with olive oil and rubbed with garlic and tomato. Great features and is characterized by contrasts and Valencian cuisine, which is typically Mediterranean dishes: fish, vegetables and fruits combined with dishes that are prepared in the central plateau Meseta: stews and braised game. This cuisine is famous for its variety of dishes of rice, which is prepared as a dry or in a soup or paella, pilaf in addition to the famous "paella", valensiytsy cooked rice with various ingredients: meat, Mariska, vegetables, fish. Vegetarians get here the pleasure of vegetable stew for a peasant (pisto huertano) - beets, beans and legumes. Specially prepared mullet roe (hueva de mujol) and widespread - a dish of rice and fish (caldero), which is cooked in a deep frying pan - the caldera on the coals, his udovolstviem to eat on the coast .. Sweet dishes, "nougat" (paste) and ice cream bear the imprint of Arab cuisine characteristic feature of the cuisine of Murcia is also the use of the gifts of the sea and the earth under the influence of the mixing of cultures, including her original dishes, especially appreciated "Caldero" or specially cooked rice.

Balearic Island of came home to culinary products that spread then around the world. In the first place should be called mayonnaise, native to the city of Mahon in Menorca. Mallorca's famous "ensaymadas" air rolls of puff pastry - and voskhititelnaya sausage "sobrasada".