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Girona .

Girona is located at the confluence of four rivers. One of these rivers - Onyar (Onyar), shares the historical and modern part of the city. The ancient part of the Catalan Girona retains traces the long history of this great city.

GironaAttractions of Girona:

  • Arab Baths, which can now be seen to have been built in XII-XIII centuries., but it is believed that they were built on the site of an ancient.
  • Jewish quarter of Girona is one of the best preserved in Spain. In the Middle Ages there was the largest in Girona in Catalonia Jewish community. The first sightings of the Jews in Girona are 890 g
  • Cathedral (in the square Plaza de Catedral) Girona built on the site of Roman tombs X-XI centuries., the construction of the cathedral began in 1312 initially led the project architects - the brothers Henri and Jacques de Foreny.
  • The city walls were built by the ancient Romans, they are quite well preserved. Along the wall you can hike, the walls begin at the cathedral, and ends at Plaza Catalunya, thus bypassing the entire old town.
  • Monastery of St. Peter Galligansa located behind the small river Rio Galligans. The building was built in the XII century., It belonged to the Benedictine abbey and was later transferred to the State.
  • On the northern edge of the old city is the former collegiate church of St. Philip. The church was built in the XIV century. J. de Tornau Romanesque church on the site where they were buried in the city's patron Saint Philip and Saint Narcissus. Saint Philip African was tortured to death at the beginning of the IV. pagan Romans.

Map of Girona: