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Valencia — it is the third largest city in Spain. Valencia is located at the mouth of the River Turia, where there was an ancient Greek colony Turis. After the expulsion of the Moors from Valencia along the coast locals began to build Christian churches and monasteries. Then in the 1262g was founded and the famous Cathedral of Valencia.

ValenciaAttractions of Valencia:

  • On the side of the cathedral is the church that Valencians named in honor of the Holy Virgin - the patron of the city, this is the Royal Basilica of the Virgin of Les Miserables. Statue that adorns the main altar - a magnificent work of art Gothic XV
  • On the third side of the square of the Virgin, with a small public garden, the historic town house, or City Hall. A powerful silhouette of two watchtowers stands Generalitat Palace, the seat of the autonomous government of the province of Valencia.
  • The main attraction of modern Valencia - "City of Art and Science." On the territory of this huge city-museum located Planetarium, dolphinarium, the pavilion space and the largest aquarium in Europe.
  • Cathedral of Valencia overlooks the square of the Virgin Apostolic gate. The arched gate structure is characterized by clean lines, its construction dates from the first half of the XIV century., Author, presumably, Nicholas de Autona.
  • Very popular in the Valencia Museum of Modern Art. It is located in Ciutadella Park. It contains works of the masters of Catalan art XIX - XX centuries.
  • Just north of Valencia, in the settlement of Val Dusho are the caves of St. Joseph, where you can take a fascinating journey through the surface of the underground river. Neither the length nor the origin is not yet fully understood, but at the entrance to the cave preserved cave paintings dating back 15,000 years. The height of the tunnel in some places is only 70 - 80 inches above the water level.
  • The area of the Holy Virgin - the heart of the old city. Once it is on a small island between the two streams of the River Turia, was laid the Roman Forum. Now located at the Plaza fountain - as a reminder of the river, which is the central figure surrounded by seven virgins, symbolizes Turiyu and its irrigation canals.

Map of Valencia: