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CadizCadiz — city ​​and an important port in southwestern Spain. Located in Andalusia on the banks of the Gulf of Cadizskogo Atlantic. The administrative center of the province of Cadiz (Cadiz). With a population of 137,900 people (1969). A major transport hub and industrial center of southern Spain.

Attractions of Cadiz:

  • Falla Grand Theatre is located at Plaza Frahela opposite the Widow's House, next to the School of Medicine of the University of Cadizskogo. Its construction began in 1884 on the project Adolfo Morales de los Rios on the site of a wooden Cadizskogo Bolshoi Theatre, which burnt down in 1881.
  • Cathedral of Santa Cruz is located in the Cathedral Square and is visible from almost anywhere Cadiza.
  • Puerta de Tierra (literally "Gate of the earth") are the entry gates that were part of the fortress wall Cadiza. They are in a three-minute walk to the south-east of the cathedral.
  • Cadizsky Roman theater is located in a population, not far from the Church of Santa Cruz. The theater was built by order of Lucius Cornelius Balbus, "the Younger" (son of Lucius Cornelius Balbus the Elder) in the 1st century BC. e. and could accommodate about 20,000 people.
  • Church of Santa Cruz, or "Old" Cathedral Cadiza is a minute's walk from the 'New' Cathedral. They shared Old Bishop's Palace and pasilla del Obispo.

Map of Cadiz (Cadiz):