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Granada — romantic city in Spain, the dream of poets. With extraordinary beautiful mountain scenery and snow-white peaks of Sierra Nevada, which are dazzling. Granada creates the feeling of a special world with its climate, light, dome of the sky and clean air. Granada spread out at the foot of the north-eastern slope of the Sierre Nevada on three hills that descend into the valley of the Genil River and its tributary Darro.

GranadaAttractions of Granada:

  • Abbey of Sacromonte Sacromonte rises above the plain. It stands on top of a mountain of Valparaiso, in the north-east, 3 km from the city.
  • In 1 kilometer to the north-west of the Cathedral of Granada, next to the hospital and monastery of St. Jerome, in the street of St. John of God, is the Basilica of the same name in the Baroque style, decorated with gold, silver, altars, murals and wall mirrors with candlesticks
  • Palace of Dar al-Orr - it nasridsky palace, located in the Albaicin. It was built in the 15th century on the site of a former 11th century palace Syria.
  • Charterhouse Granada Charterhouse is drive to the north-east and 2.5 km from the city center in a picturesque area of ??gardens, is now the campus.
  • Mitropolitsky Cathedral St. Mary's Cathedral Encarnacion Granada is located in the center of the street Pasegas a 20-minute walk west from the Alhambra.
  • Royal Chapel of Granada (Capilla Real de Granada) is adjacent to the right, the facade of the cathedral. As the cathedral - the current church and a chapel - a popular tourist destination, it is arranged through a private entrance courtyard, overlooking the Calle Oficios.
  • city walls of Granada began to be put in Albaycin in the 8th century. For their construction used river stones, lime and sand.
  • Monastery of St. Jerome is located 1 kilometer north-west of the Cathedral of Granada. Originally it was founded by Catholic Kings in Santa Fe, and after the capture of Granada here in 1504 began construction of the monastery.
  • Holy Mountain (Sacromonte) rises to the north of the Alhambra Palace. Called on it Sacromonte district is part of the Granada suburbs. On the slope of the hill is the Abbey of Sacromonte and its caves are home to the Granada Gypsy.
  • Fountain of Charles V (Spanish: Pilar de Carlos V) is one of the main attractions of Granada and is on the way out of town to the UNESCO protected architectural complex of the Alhambra (Alhambra).

Map of Granada: