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The city Astorga you can buy souvenirs, which are connected with the traditions and history of a small nation maragatos. Its origin is unknown, but according to one legend, maragatos - the descendants of the Berbers. Their main occupation for centuries remained breeding mules. Astorga - the main city maragatos, during the holidays, some people wear traditional costumes of the ancient people of Spain.

Astorga (Astorga)Достопримечательности Astorga (Astorga):

  • Gothic cathedral in the XV, significantly rebuilt in the XVIII century., Baroque. In the museum of the Cathedral contains several relics, including - part of the cross on which Christ was crucified.
  • Bishop's Palace, built by the famous architect A. Barcelona's Gaudi. He styled gothic knight's castle. Now here was an exhibition of religious art, and you can see the stained glass and tiles made ??from drawings by A. Gaudi.
  • Chocolate Museum. At 18-19 in the main income residents Astorga received from the production and sale of chocolate, the museum can see the device for the production of different varieties of chocolate and lithographs illustrating this process.
  • Piazza Santa Maria del Camino. In the Middle Ages, this paved Green Square (fountain was placed in the XVIII century) roaring market for pilgrims on their way to Santiago.
  • Romanesque church of Santa Maria del Camino - to this day there is preserved statue of Our Lady of the Pilgrims.

Map of Astorga (Astorga):