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The manufacturing industry in Spain


The manufacturing industry in SpainMany areas of the manufacturing industry have a clear geographic location. Historically formed such an important area as the textile industry in Spain, concentrated in Catalonia, especially in Barcelona. Home Box steel industry - the center of the Basque Country in Bilbao. In 1992, it was smelted 12.3 million tons of steel, which is almost 400% more than 1963 years. Spaniards achieved great success in autostructure and cement industries. In 1992, it produced 1.8 million cars, 382 million trucks and 24.6 million tons of cement. Industrial production fell in 1991 to 1992 as a result of the global downturn in all areas of industry, except for energy. At the beginning of 1990 - s the number of employees in Spain were such industries as food and tobacco (16% of the workforce), metallurgy and mechanical engineering (11%), textiles and clothing (10%), manufacture of transport equipment (9%).