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Energy in Spain


Energy in SpainThe dependence of Spain on importa energy is gradually increased, and in the 1990s godah from this source provides 80% of energy consumption. Although since the beginning of 1960 - ies in Spain have been opened several oil fields (in 1964, oil was found 65km to the north of Burgos, and in the early 1970s - near Amposta Ebro Delta), the use of domestic energy sources is not encouraged.

In 1992, the overall balance of power production accounted for nearly half of the local coal and imported oil, 36% - for nuclear fuel, and 13% - for hydro-electric power. Due to the presence of large reserves of uranium was a plan of development of nuclear power. The first nuclear power plant in Spain was launched in 1969, but in 1983 because of environmental misunderstanding, a ban on building new nuclear power plants in Spain.