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Entry into SpainQuestion: Do I need to provide are any documents at the border crossing at the entrance?

Answer: On arrival at the Spanish border point, you have to provide police checks your passport or travel document of identity, which must be valid for more than the period you are planning to stay in Spain, in this case - validity of the visa.

You also need to provide proof that you have sufficient economic resources for the entire planned period of stay in Spain and, in some cases, will have to prove the purpose of stay. Also, in some cases, may be required to provide a medical certificate issued by the country from which you came, wanted a diplomatic mission or consular office of Spain, or to undergo a medical examination sanitary services on the border of Spain.

Question: When you need to declare on entry to Spain?

Answer: When arriving from a country with which eliminated border controls (such as France, Portugal, and other member states of the Schengen Agreement) and do not show documents on the border with Spain, or when arriving on Spanish territory across the border, at which point there is no border police.

If you were not able to declare on entry to Spain at the border post, you can make an application for entry into any Commissioner of Police and the Service for Foreigners, for a maximum of three working days from the date of entry into Spanish territory.